We're developing a kernel and toolchains for a new high-performance computing platform called 'xstatic'.
Details will be released once the appropriate legal structures are in place. Free and open-source, of course.

  * File formats and machinery for library code and data (for a novel JIT approach + auditing/security similar to Burroughs MCP)
  * Data streaming servers for database and network communications (inspired by Plan 9)
  * Complete cross-platform development environment (binary emulation and automatic retargeting)
  * Instrumentation for performance profiling and further (visual) analysis by programmers and algorithm developers
  * Linux compatibility layer for ELF binaries and several hardware matters (via virtualized lightweight Linux "server")
  * Hybrid quantum/classical processing engine (see next item)
  * Logic synthesis and hardware-accelerated circuit optimization (quantum and classical) for FPGAs
  * Custom compiler and runtime systems for parallel execution

If you might be interested in collaborating or funding, please get in touch with me@zv.io.